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The Order - 8 Man Progress
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The Harbinger
Status: UP
Population: Standard
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Game News
Welcome to Order and Disorder!

We are a semi-casual guild currently accepting players looking to do flashpoints, operations, light PVP and good mature social interaction.

While higher levels are preferred we are looking for good active players that are level 45+.

If interested please apply.

To those former members who were purged for inactivity please reapply at this website for prompt readmittance and remember website activity is a requirement, not an option and you had plenty of warning.
Guild News

First Ever Recruitment Contest!!!

wired203, Nov 20, 12 10:08 PM.
In the member section of the forums is the details on the Recruitment Contest,  head out there and win yourself some credits and prizes!!!

Avasus joins the officer corps as one of the SI DPS Officers

Resolution, Oct 19, 12 2:53 PM.
By now many of you have encountered Avasus, his interesting sense of humour (and I'm Canadian, we spell it that way), unique turn of phrase, etc.  Well he's agreed to join the officer corps as one of our Sith Inquisitor DPS officers (Sorcerer).

We continue to fill holes in the officer ranks as they come up.  If you are interested in becomming an officer let an online officer know.

Reminder:  I will be on extended medical leave starting either Monday or Tuesday of next week (Oct 22/23) until I come back (possibly from the dead, it's happened A LOT before (Halloween, fear the Concept, pun intended)).

Join the cause, Sign up Now!

grograman, Oct 13, 12 4:46 AM.
After a decisive victory last week, we will return to operations once again on 10/19. 

Sign up now! 

Read all about it here: Weekly Ops

Sign up on the Raid Calendar here: Raid Calendar

Guild Purge of Inactives

Resolution, Oct 10, 12 9:11 AM.
Inactive members (those who have not logged into the website or the game other than those on extended leave) for over 30 days (ish) have been removed.  If you have a missing toon or you have slipped thru the cracks just reapply or adjust your profile and ask for an invite from anyone council or higher

Sign up Now! Weekly Ops Run!

grograman, Oct 8, 12 12:47 PM.
Every Friday will be a scheduled Operations run.

Read all about it here: Weekly Ops

Sign up on the Raid Calendar here: Raid Calendar
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